Some Thoughts On The 2016 Election

By Brennan Smith


To all the people who are complaining about our two major Presidential candidates:

Your guy/gal lost. I'm sorry. I've been inspired by candidates running for office who didn't make it out of the primary either. It sucks. It really really sucks. But I pose this question to you: What did you do to get your candidate elected? Did you make calls and knock on your neighbors' doors with literature to share about your candidate's platform? Maybe you don't have time to do these sorts of things, did you donate $20 to help your candidate so they could afford to pay staff to do the groundwork needed to win? Did you even remember to vote in your state's presidential primary election or caucus?

We spend so much time complaining about the two candidates when we had a process to nominate both. Maybe Bernie would have won if more folks were talking to their neighbors and helping Get Out The Vote? Maybe Republicans would have nominated a different candidate if the same was done for any of the other 15 candidates? We saw firsthand in 2008 what a great grassroots campaign structure looked like with Obama for America. He DID beat the "Clinton Machine" and it was because of the effort made by volunteers who were inspired by his message.

Rather than blame the media, money, or the process (all are not perfect) get INVOLVED. Run for office. Help run a campaign. Volunteer. Work for the change that you want to see in our country. The #1 contribution to a political candidate are all the volunteer hours people put into their candidate and campaign.

As we continue to early vote throughout the country and eventually vote on Election Day, I urge you to not be bitter about the situation. Look at the two candidates who have the best shot at winning the election and vote for the one that is closest to your views. My first choice for President chose not to run. That's not stopping me from being involved and supporting Hillary Clinton to become President. And being bitter shouldn't stop you either. Please remember to vote.