I-735 Qualifies For Ballot

From Aileen Satushek, Whatcom County Democrats

Initiative 735 has been approved by the Washington State Secretary of State as an Initiative to the State legislature and will appear on the November ballot. I-735 seeks to amend the U.S Constitution to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision. It specifies that constitutional rights belong to individuals, not corporations, and that spending money is not free speech.  

Two Whatcom Democratic Party members Alyce Werkema and Don Knutzen devoted many hours gathering signatures for I-735.  They both made the State honor roll of top I-735 signature gatherers with 4,560 signatures between them.

Since April 25 the group Move to Amend-Whatcom coordinated the gathering of over 16,000 signatures. Werkema said that she gives a special thanks to the Whatcom Democrats who allowed her and other I-735 workers to gather signatures at Party events and recruit signature gatherers.