A message from Karen Deal, Executive Director, Washington Democrats

"It's a new year, a new legislative session has begun, and we're ready to stand up and fight for Democratic values. It's far from surprising that a Trump-led GOP has truly heinous priorities including gutting the Affordable Care Act, nominating dangerous, unqualified extremists to the Cabinet, and generally behaving like cartoon villains.
Here in Washington State, the GOP is following their lead: Refusing to fully fund statewide education and questioning the voter-approved minimum wage increase. And that was just on day one.  
We can't let out-of-touch right-wing zealots ruin the future of our state and country. That's why our mantra, for the next four years and beyond, will be: every vote and every voice in every election. Within Washington State and across the country, people like you are speaking out and recognizing that we all must act with strength and grit. If we want to defeat Trump's agenda, we have to do it at every level -- starting locally.   
In the spirit of engagement and resistance, we're ready to introduce our Forever Voter campaign! Never miss a chance to use your voice -- pledge to be a Forever Voter and receive reminders prior to elections in your area.

We've seen how close races can get, and to say that the stakes are high is an understatement. So...what are you waiting for? Take the pledge now!  

Every vote. Every voice. Every election. 
- Karen Deal