Demagogues rule, destroy world, when voters don't vote

By Barry Bowen
Communications & political consultant

For full disclosure, Leftist Dems think I am GOP-lite, local GOP charactered me as James Carville, or a communist. They may think that is the same. I helped manage seven successful Washington State campaigns and got toasted in opposing Whatcom County Councilwoman Barbara Brenner, with the extreme Right and the extreme Left supporting Brenner–go figure.

In late 2011 I moved to Sweden. I still vote in Whatcom County. I read The Washington Post politics daily, The Seattle Times, etc., periodically, listen to NPR and watch PBS, Lawrence O'Donnell, etc. as often as possible.

In a recent Marist Poll of U.S. voters, a headline read, "Trump Approval Rating at 41%… Nearly Six in Ten Call Trump’s Conduct 'Embarrassing.'"The view from Europe is much worse. In a recent German Mardi Gras parade, a float depicted Trump butt-f**king the statute of liberty. Lady Liberty was not pleased. The British Parliament dis-invited Trump to address Whitehall. And Trump’s false claims about terrorism in Sweden did not go well here.

The anti-green Trump assault in the U.S. is exhaustive. The Republican bill calls for the elimination of a $1 billion-a-year fund created for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by the Affordable Care Act in 2010. The fund’s goal: Pay for public health programs designed to prevent illness and, therefore, reduce health care costs.

The 24-year head of the EPA’s environmental justice division resigned over Trump policies, considering layoffs and budget cuts at the EPA that, if enacted, would eliminate the environmental justice budget and cut funding to grants for pollution cleanup. The proposed $2 billion in proposed cuts would terminate 3,000 employees.

Cuts include 90+ percent cuts to both the Great Lakes and the Chesapeake Bay Restoration fund. Prior to leaving the U.S. I did a 10-part series on the Chesapeake Bay Restoration. The Obama EPA actions dramatically improved the bay. A $4.8 million San Francisco Bay project is also zeroed out.For the Pacific Northwest, it is devastating. According to The Seattle Times, Trump’s proposed EPA budget would almost wipe out funding for Puget Sound restoration, with a cut of 93%. The $28 million in last year’s budget funded items such as purchasing farmland to convert to wetlands, restoring floodplains and removing fish passage blockages, is slated to be a mere $2 million in Trump’s budget.

So what should we do? Both our U.S. Senators and Representatives from the first and second Congressional Districts will oppose the plan so I suggest calling and emailing your thanks. It always helps to hear thank you from constituents. You can also call and email friends and family in GOP-held turf and let them know what President Trump is doing and that you care about it. Well-written letters to the editors are always a good thing. And help the poor souls in the 42nd District. They cannot get rid of Sen. Doug Ericksen.

And always vote and work to get out the vote.