Stand up to Discrimination in Washington State

A message from Tina Podlodowski, Chair, Washington State Democrats

At this very moment, opponents of equality are collecting signatures for I-1552, a harmful initiative that seeks to roll back Washington state's long-standing non-discrimination protections for our transgender friends, family members and neighbors. I-1552 backers need to collect about 260,000 valid signatures by July 7. If they succeed, the law that has long protected transgender people from discrimination will face repeal on ballots this November.

We're joining with Washington Won't Discriminate to stand against this terrible initiative. Say that you will "Decline to Sign" any petition that would repeal our non-discrimination laws. Washington isn't the first state to consider codifying anti-transgender discrimination into law. Remember North Carolina? Last year, the Tarheel State passed HB 2, giving blanket authorization to ban transgender people from using public restrooms at school, work, even in public buildings. And the backlash was immediate and severe: Upwards of $600 million in tanked revenue, countless cancelled entertainment events, and the loss of national respect. 

Now, petitioners in Washington are collecting signatures on a dangerous HB 2-style initiative-and each signature gets them closer to their goal of putting anti-transgender discrimination on Washington's ballot. United, we can defeat I-1552-but we only have six weeks, and the clock is ticking. Decline to Sign: Add your name to help keep I-1552 off Washington's ballot.

It's an unfortunate stain on Washington's commitment to fairness and equality when, in 2017, people are seeking to legalize discrimination against some of our most vulnerable community members. Thank you for being a part of the movement to defend our state's non-discrimination laws-and affirm the values that unite us as Washingtonians.

P.S. You can keep up with the latest in the No on I-1552 campaign by liking Washington Won't Discriminate on Facebook and following @NoDiscrimWA on Twitter.