Taxes are an investment in our future

By Tom Pasma
40th LD State Committeeman

Americans should be angry.

What we are witnessing in this country right now is an all-out assault on American citizens who fall below the 1 percent in wealth and it has been planned for a very long time and we as a country, have failed to recognize or organize against it.

The constant unraveling of reproductive rights, privatization of our prisons, schools, state parks and public lands, along with the defunding of infrastructure projects and social safety nets. These events aren’t isolated incidents but part of a bigger long-term strategy of the Republican Party to essentially destroy the federal government. And they’re winning.

The Nation Magazine calls this strategy “The Overthrow Project”:

"The essence of the Overthrow Project is familiar: to reduce taxes on the very rich, free the business community from taxes and regulations that interfere with its money-making, and subsidize that community with public funds. In addition, the Overthrow Project aims to privatize as many governmental activities as possible. Left for government is the maintenance of the remaining public infrastructure that enables private enterprise to operate efficiently and safely, as well as the assurance of public safety through ever-higher funding of the military, the homeland-security apparatus, the police, and other forces of so called law and order,” they wrote in their February, 2017 issue.

The Overthrow Project is more than just the pendulum swinging from blue to red every other presidential election. It is part of a longer strategy to obtain permanent control over ALL branches of federal and state governments. And they’re winning–big time.

With our executive branch, both chambers of our Congress, and a majority of state legislatures being controlled by Republicans, our U.S. Supreme Court is the last thin, dangling thread between the America we were taught to love and a fiscally-fascist fantasy world dreamt up by Randroids who got theirs and no one else matters.

I want to be brutally honest about what is truly going on, we have front row seats and are participants of a film in which the wealthiest people putting us in our positions in society. A film in which we are at the bottom of all aspects of human life and human dignity! According to some powers that be, if you fall below the 1 percent line in this country you are not worthy of having anything that can resemble having a quality life. The current powers that be are on their way of either taking or finishing taking away any basic form of the ability of making a living wage, having an  education, retirement, savings, owning a home, voting, freely traveling, postal service, etc. etc. all aspects of having a quality life with the ability to truly make decisions that we might want to make for our lives to be better. I constantly hear about how we Democrats got here and who to blame, but if you have one foot in yesterday and one into tomorrow, you are pissing on today. And if we continue to argue and fight about B.S., well then, you can turn the lights out, because the game is over!

We all have a story, but the question is, what are we going to do about it? Are we liberals going to continue to fight amongst ourselves or are we going to stand up and say, enough is enough and we are not going to take this all out assault on basic human rights as a citizen of the United States of America? As a small business owner and part of the community that actually produces the highest majority of jobs in this country and someone who worked on the ACA throughout Washington state, having affordable healthcare has had the largest impact me and business because now I know my insurance will be there for me if I actually have to use it.

Before the ACA, I never had the luxury of knowing if I had a healthcare need if they would actually pay for the costs. Lucky for me, I have had no major health-related issues and am healthy. But before the ACA was enacted, my family and I paid about $12,000 a year with a $10,000 deductible for a policy not worth the paper it was written on and now I actually have insurance that has to pay for any of my health issues that I may have or may come up in the future.

Think about that, the 1 percent is pissed off that my insurance has to pay for 85 percent of actual health-related costs. Before the ACA was made into law, this was not the case. I am able to get a health physical every year now, which my insurance covers, my chiropractic care, which they pay a portion of, etc. etc. Is the ACA perfect, no but a little bit of something is a hell of lot better than nothing at all!

Now that’s not to say the ACA can’t be and shouldn’t be improved! We are witnessing planned total destruction of the ACA from the republicans and then they stand there and tell us that it is completely failing. Everything that we are witnessing and living through is nothing but societal standing and pure evil! I have a lot more to say, but I am not the greatest writer, so I will finish for now with the following;

Taxes are an investment in the future. Period.

What kind of future do we want to have for this country or our state or communities, All generations have made an investment and sacrifice for the future to have a better quality of life than before them, that is what made this country great! As someone who was born in Montana and raised in a Roosevelt household from rural america and I continue to live and make my living in rural america. I will leave you with this thought from President Roosevelt,

"No man can occupy the office of President without realizing that he is President of all the people."