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2016 Democratic Precinct Caucuses!

Find your Precinct Caucus location by visiting, or call 647-7661. In Skagit County, call the Skagit County Democrats at 360/336-1555.

Various locations
Doors open 9:30am, Caucuses start at 10am

*The mail-in "presidential primary" will NOT be used to allocate Democratic Party delegates.

Who may participate:

  • Any voter who considers him or herself a “Democrat”
  • 17-year-olds eligible to vote on November 8, 2016

Why participate in your Precinct Caucus?

  • It's the first step in selecting a Presidential nominee
  • Elect delegates to represent your candidate at the next level, leading to delegates to the National Convention

What happens at the Caucus?

  • Declare your Presidential Preference when signing in
  • Count preferences (1st vote)
  • Calculate number of delegates per candidate
  • Participants can then lobby each other to get them to vote for their candidate
  • Take a second vote; participants may change votes
  • Re-calculate the number of delegates per candidate
  • Elect delegates for each candidate to the Legislative District Caucus in April
  • Consider resolutions and party platform planks

Get Involved – Support Your Candidate

The Whatcom Democrats will provide all Democratic Presidential Candidate campaigns with equal access to our resources to get out the vote to the Caucuses. Participation is free, but donations are welcome.

Information: 360-647-7661 or visit