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Women's March on Washington - Bellingham

  • Bellingham City Hall 210 Lottie Street Bellingham, WA, 98225 United States (map)


10 AM Participate in 1@1 event (minute of silence/intention) wherever you are gather/sign-making
10-10:30 AM Gather at Bellingham City Hall, 210 Lottie St., & get/make a sign if you don't have one
10:30 AM speakers, poets, musicians
NOON speakers, poets, musicians & Community Connections Fair

The march will consist of a one-mile peaceful march of unity and will be released the day of the event. 

The Bellingham march is on the day after Inauguration to coincide with the national March on Washington D.C. Other events are occurring around Bellingham and the state in reaction to the Electoral College vote and the Inauguration, and are not affiliated with the Womxn’s March on Bellingham. RSVP HERE


From the organizer's event page:



Q: I want to come march! Do I have to register or buy a ticket in order to attend?
A: If you are on Facebook, you can reply that you are ‘going’ on our Facebook event page. If you are not on Facebook there is no need to RSVP or buy a ticket. 

Q: Why is womxn spelled with an ‘x’? Why the change?
A: While this is a late change, Bellingham has adopted the name “Womxn’s March on Bellingham” to acknowledge intersectionality and as a step toward recognizing that there are those who do not fit the gender binary or who choose not to identify themselves by gender. The spelling of womxn with an “x” is a small change we can make to be more inclusive. Our hope is that it will challenge people’s assumptions and encourage more inclusive practices in how we think, speak, and write.

Q: What will happen first?
A: At 10 AM on January 21st, we will participate in 1 at 1: one minute of silence in unison with all the Women's Marches nationwide. At 1 PM in Washington, D.C. and at the exact same moment in every time zone across the United States, we will stand up for equality with one minute of silent solidarity. YOU CAN DO THIS WHEREVER YOU ARE AT 10 AM! Learn more and get the app with a countdown at

Q: What is the march route?
A: We are not releasing the route of the march for security reasons, but the march will involve a 1.1-mile walk of solidarity through downtown Bellingham, returning to City Hall. The march route is relatively flat. There are shorter march options for participants who would rather not walk that far.

Q: Is the march route going to be safe and accessible?
A: Bellingham organizers are working with the City of Bellingham, public safety agencies, a trained safety medical team, and a volunteer of peaceful marchers to provide safety and direction to the marchers.

Q: Will the march be a silent march like Seattle’s march?
A: No, we will be chanting as part of our march. Volunteers will be on hand passing out suggested chants at the start of the event.

Q: Can I ride my bike/trike/wheeled conveyance in the march?
A: No, for safety reasons only wheelchairs, strollers, and (small) wagons are allowed.

Q: After the march are we done?
A: No! The best part is yet to come! Stick around after the march for more powerful speakers, poets, musicians and the Connections Fair (in front of City Hall) where you can connect with activists and local organizations that provide support to many people in our region. There will also be food trucks on site.

Q: Is this all outside?
A: Yes! We have closed down Lottie Street in front of City Hall and have reserved the lawn behind the adjacent Bellingham Public Library. All events (except the march itself) will happen there.

Q: What if it’s cold? And what if it rains?
A: Hey, we’re Northwesterners! We know how to dress for the weather. Remember, if you stay the whole time (which you should!) you'll be outside for 4 hours. Bring what you need to make yourself comfortable. We will have an area with heaters if you need to warm up.

Q: Will you have places to sit?
A: You are welcome to bring your own chair; please make sure it is easily portable. Remember march organizers cannot be responsible for items left unattended. 

Q: What if I get hungry?
A: We’ll have food trucks at the event where you can buy food and warm beverages.


Q: How can I avoid all the traffic?
A: The best way to avoid traffic is to walk, bus or bike to the event site in front of Bellingham City Hall. There is a long guardrail on the corner of Lottie Street and Grand Avenue where bicyclists can lock their bikes. Please note this will be an unsecured area during the event. 

Taking a bus to the march is easy—the Bellingham Central Station is only 6 blocks from City Hall. Use the Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) trip planner at to plan your bus transportation. The WTA and Skagit Transit ( 80X and 90X buses serve Bellingham from communities to the south.

Please plan ahead - the gathering for the march begins at 10:00am, and the march begins at 11:00am. We expect thousands of participants at the Bellingham march!

Q: If I’m coming from out of town, are there rideshares/carpooling/buses?
A: There is a Facebook event group to coordinate carpools from neighboring communities. The steering committee is not directly involved in helping to coordinate ridesharing, but we encourage those who attend to carpool. 

Q: Where can I park?
A: If you do plan to drive, know that parking in Bellingham’s downtown core is very limited so leave yourself some time to park and walk to the event, and please carpool to minimize impact. If you luck into street parking, it is free on weekends. Safer bets are these options which are a 5-minute walk from City Hall (and also free):
* Bellingham High School’s parking lot on Ohio Street. (2020 Cornwall Ave.) 
* Commerical Street Parking Garage (1300 Commercial Street) 
* Another (smaller) option is the Municipal Courthouse (1014 C Street)
* The Downtown Partnership has a map of other parking options downtown, but most of the parking lots listed are privately owned and involve an hourly fee. 

Please do not park in lots reserved for private businesses.

You could also plan ahead to park at larger lots farther from downtown and take a bus.
* Lincoln Creek Park and Ride (800 Lincoln St.) has a bus stop and runs 2 buses to the Downtown Station each hour. (There is a bus leaving at 9:48 and one at 9:53 which both getting into the Downtown Station at 10:00am.) 
* Western Washington University has free parking only in the C/CR lots and 12A lots on Bill McDonald Parkway and South College Drive. (Check the WTA bus schedule to plan a ride to downtown).
To plan bus transportation, visit



Q: What about signs to carry at the march?
A: Please create/bring a sign to carry. The march organizers support freedom of expression and encourage marchers to hold up signs that represent your sentiments! 

There will be limited sign making materials available at the march site from 10:00-10:30 am the day of the march.

Q: Are the sister marches selling tee-shirts or other merchandise?
A: Yes we are! Visit this link to purchase official merchandise. Note: these items are sold through a fundraising site online that supports all the Women's Marches. You will not receive these items before the march and no merchandise will be sold at the march.

Q: What is the Pussy Hat Project I keep hearing about? How can I get involved with that? Is there any organized effort?
A: Per their official website (, The Pussy Hat Project seeks to:
* Provide the people of the Women’s March on Washington D.C. a means to make a unique collective visual statement which will help activists be better heard.
* Provide people who cannot physically be on the National Mall a way to represent themselves and support women’s rights.

Those interested in supporting the Washington State Pussy Hat Project can do so here: The Womxn’s March on Bellingham has no official organized effort to support the Pussy Hat Project in Bellingham, but interested marchers are encouraged to wear their Pussy Hats.