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40th E-Board Meeting

The Executive Board meets from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month and rotates between Cafe Akroteri (1219 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham) and Old Edison Inn (5829 Cains Ct, Bow) to equitably accommodate e-board members in different counties. 

*Times and dates are subject to change and the e-board may choose to conduct business during general membership meetings during months where there is a general membership meeting scheduled.


FEBRUARY - Akroteri Greek Restaurant 

MARCH - Old Edison Inn

APRIL - Akroteri Greek Restaurant 

MAY - Old Edison Inn

JUNE - Akroteri Greek Restaurant 

JULY - Old Edison Inn

AUGUST - Akroteri Greek Restaurant 

SEPTEMBER - Old Edison Inn

OCTOBER - Akroteri Greek Restaurant 

AUGUST - Old Edison Inn

SEPTEMBER - Akroteri Greek Restaurant 

OCTOBER - Old Edison Inn

NOVEMBER - Akroteri Greek Restaurant 

DECEMBER - Old Edison Inn


Call 360-224-3810 for updates.