Endorsement Policy

Purpose: The purpose of these rules shall be to guide and direct the endorsement process of the 40th Legislative District Democrats in all instances in which a candidate or candidates in a partisan or nonpartisan race, and issue measures will appear on a ballot. Issues not appearing on a ballot within the 40th LD are not subject to these rules, nor will these rules apply to resolutions dealing with the same.

Section 1: Voting

a)     Any 40th District Democrat defined as an active voting member is eligible to vote on motions involving endorsements.

b)     A motion to endorse more than one candidate, or to not endorse, shall be in order. A motion to not endorse shall require a 2/3rds vote of the membership present.

c)     Endorsement of candidates or ballot measures shall be made upon the simple majority affirmative vote by the present eligible voting membership.

Section 2: Qualifications

a)     Candidates who reside within the 40th District shall be members of the 40th LD Democrats in order to be endorsed.

b)     Candidates who seek endorsement of the 40th District Democrats shall notify the Chair in writing (fax, email, or letter) prior to the endorsement meeting. All candidates who have filed will be given the opportunity to speak. Proxies may be sent to speak on behalf of the candidate.

c)     Candidates who seek the endorsement of the 40th District Democrats shall complete a questionnaire prepared by the membership. This provision shall be put into force the meeting following its adoption.

Section 3: Endorsement Meeting and Endorsements General

a)     A meeting of the 40th District Democrats shall be held at least once a year prior to the primary election, which shall include endorsements as part of the official agenda.

b)     Endorsements may be considered at any General Membership meeting of the 40th District Democrats.

c)     If the sole purpose of a meeting is to consider endorsements and/or nominations of candidates, or ballot measures, the meeting must be announced at least 10 days in advance via social media, email, or telephone, and the meeting must be advertised in a newspaper in each of the three counties, to each of the county Democratic County organizations, and on the 40th LD website.

d)     Upon endorsement of a candidate or candidates, the endorsed may have access to precinct and LD databases, at the discretion of the District Chair. All endorsed candidates may immediately state orally and in print that they have the endorsement of the 40th District Democrats.

Section 3: Pre-Endorsement Access Policy

a)     Candidates may be given access to precinct and LD databases prior to endorsement if approved through one of the following methods/criteria:


         i.     The 40th LD Executive Board certification of history and/or known affiliation with the Democratic Party, democratic ideals, and/or significant public service work which is closely allied with our ideals and goals. Certification shall be issued upon a 2/3rds affirmative vote of the Executive Board.


         ii.     Meeting with the 40th LD Candidate’s Committee, and upon a simple majority affirmative vote of the committee. In all cases, candidates are expected to review their respective County Democratic Platforms, and address areas of concern or direct disagreement for evaluation by the Candidates Committee. Candidates who receive access to party data may not state that they have been approved or endorsed by the 40th Legislative District until after they have been endorsed by the 40th District Democrats.

Section 3: Amendments and Adoption

a)     These Endorsement Rules shall be implemented immediately following the affirmative vote of the majority of the General Membership, except where it is explicitly stated otherwise.

b)     These Rules may be amended by the membership at a General Membership meeting provided that the proposed changes are sent to the Chair at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

c)     The Executive Board shall have power to make technical and grammatical changes to these rules. The Executive Board may adopt substantive amendments or revisions upon a 2/3rds majority vote of Executive Board members, which shall be implemented immediately, provided the changes be referred to the General Membership for final approval at the next General Membership meeting.

d)     The Rules shall replace previous Endorsement policies and rules.

Adopted at the July 20th, 2013 Meeting of the 40th District Democrats in Friday Harbor, San Juan County.